The Angel of Chatham Square

northbaystageNorthbay Stage Company, a resident theatre company of Wells Fargo Center for the Arts has a special invitation for F2F clients!

Enjoy complimentary tickets to attend the performance of The Angel of Chatham Square on March 20, 21, 27, 28, 29 or April 3, 4, 5.

For tickets, call you F2F case manager at 707.544.1581.

About the Show:
The Angel of Chatham Square – The heart-warming tale based on actual events of a woman alone in a terrible predicament in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and the stranger who comes to her rescue.  It is a story of salvation and redemption on the gritty streets of New York City.  Written by local playwright, the original work is in the mold of “It’s a wonderful Life” and has garnered critical acclaim from all who have seen it.

More about North Bay Stage Company 

Meditation Group

Reducing stress can bolster immune system in HIV-positive individuals

New Schedule: F2F clients are invited to join us Friday, May 8 & 22 at Noon for a free, one-hour session. Please RSVP to your case manager. Starting in June, mediation will be held the first and third Fridays of each month.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing an open and receptive awareness of the present moment to experiences, avoiding thinking of the past or worrying about the future. It is thought to reduce stress and improve health outcomes in a variety of patient populations.

F2F is grateful for the generosity of the teachers and staff of Stone Creek Zen Center.

We look forward to greeting you!



Fountaingrove Lodge Film Series – “For The Bible Tells Me So”


Fountaingrove Lodge Film Series to benefit Face to Face

For The Bible Tells Me So is a 2007 award-winning documentary about homosexuality and its perceived conflict with Christianity, as well as various interpretations of what the bible says about same-sex sexuality.

Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to meet Director Daniel Karslake for a Q&A and Wine Reception after the film.

Cash donation to attend greatly appreciated but not required.

Contact Fountaingrove Lodge for details.


Face to Face Film Series: “The Dog” & “Dog Day Afternoon”

Face to Face Film Series September 2014Our September Film Series  is going to the dogs!

Special Double Feature!
“The Dog” and “Dog Day Afternoon”
Thursday September  18

Don’t miss our special September double feature The Dog and Dog Day Afternoon at Rialto Cinemas®    For tickets visit Rialto Cinemas website at  Enter the promotional code F2FLCT at check-out and receive a $2 discount per ticket. Offer is only good for online purchases.

Rialto Cinemas

Face to Face Film Series: “The Nance”

Film Series: The NanceLincoln Center at the Movies
Thursday July 17 & Saturday, July 19

Winner of 3 Tony Awards Douglas Carter Beane’s The Nance is set in the naughty, raucous world of burlesque’s heyday.  The Nance introduces us Chauncey Miles (Nathan Lane) and his fellow performers at a time when it’s easy to play gay and dangerous to be gay.  USA Today raves “Nathan Lane is as heartbreaking as he is hilarious.” The New Yorker proclaims “a nearly perfect work of dramatic art.” Directed by 3-time Tony Award winner Jack O’Brien!

Don’t miss the The Nance at Rialto Cinemas®    For performance dates, times and tickets visit Rialto Cinemas website at  Enter the promotional code F2FLCT at check-out and receive a $2 discount per ticket. Offer is only good for online purchases.

Rialto Cinemas

Life Program


A 13-week health enhancement group focusing on health issues which help or hinder your immune system, risk behavior, and adherence to medications and/or health routines.

The next program will be held in Santa Rosa and begin on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.  1-3pm

The program is free of charge.  See below for detailed information.  To register, please call Heather Myler at 707.544.1581 or email at

About the Life Program:
The Shanti L.I.F.E. Program® is the nation’s leading HIV self-management and health-enhancement program. L.I.F.E. provides participants with the knowledge, motivation, skills, and support necessary to establish and maintain health-protective routines.

Face to Face, in partnership with Santa Rosa Community Health Centers, offer the LIFE program twice a year in Sonoma County. The course is offered free of charge to our clients, and is presented by Face to Face staff and volunteers who have been trained and certified by Shanti.

Our Program Goals:

  • Optimizing health outcomes for people living with HIV by assisting participants in improving their performance on biological, psychological, and social Cofactors that can impact health.
  • Reducing the number of people who become infected with HIV by assisting participants in reducing HIV transmission risk behaviors and other health-risking behaviors.

Is L.I.F.E. Effective?
Clinical program evaluation of L.I.F.E. shows that participants:

  • Reduce overall health problems (by 27-44%) and overall personal problems (by 38-50%);
  • Decrease drug/alcohol use and other health risking behaviors;
  • Increase adherence to HIV treatment and other health routines;
  • Increase the amount and quality of trusted support in their lives; and
  • Improve coping with grief, depression, and Survival Stress.

Through L.I.F.E.’s innovative and effective learning methods and group processes, L.I.F.E. participants improve their health outcomes in as few as 12 weeks.

How L.I.F.E. Works
L.I.F.E., which stands for Learning Immune Function Enhancement, is based on scientific research that connects our performance on certain biological, psychological, and social Cofactors, to immune system functioning, disease progression, and overall health. These Cofactors have been shown in HIV disease and other life-threatening illnesses to trigger symptom onset, speed up or slow down disease progression, and impact survival time. Cofactors have also been shown to impact physical, social, and psychological aspects of quality of life. When people living with HIV/AIDS or other illnesses understand the dynamic relationship between mind and body, and improve their performance on certain Cofactors, then they may benefit from improved physical and psychological health and well-being.

Cofactors to HIV+ Health and Wellness
A Cofactor is a life issue that can impact health. Research shows Cofactors can slow down (HIV, cancer, or Hepatitis C) disease progression; help to reverse existing disease symptoms or AIDS-related conditions; enhance immune system functioning; increase adherence to health routines including medication/treatment protocols used to treat disease or symptoms; and improve one’s ability and willingness to choose health-supporting behaviors over health-risking behaviors.

L.I.F.E. participants explore their performance on 26 Cofactors and receive the knowledge, motivation, skills, and support necessary to set and reach goals related to their Cofactor performance and health. By increasing health-supporting Cofactor performance and reducing or eliminating health-risking Cofactor performance, participants can greatly increase their potential to develop and maintain wellness.