800 Kegs Filled Every Day
March 30, 2023

LOST COAST BREWERY is an award-winning brewery located in Eureka, California. (Those folks also think Eureka happens to be the greatest place in the world – and claim they have no bias whatsoever!) They brew a variety of awesome beers year-round, and put out some equally awesome seasonal beers, that…you know…vary based on the season!

Founder Barbara Groom is unconventional, to say the least. She grew up wanting to be a skier, even though she lived on a farm in Stockton, California – a place where the climate ranges from hot to…really hot. She sold makeup as an Avon representative, having never worn the stuff herself. She became a pharmacist in a time when that occupation was almost entirely male-dominated.
It turns out that sliding down the side of a mountain on two planks didn’t really work out for her. Nor did makeup sales. And while pharmaceuticals worked out for a while (20-something years), she found the work to be excruciatingly boring and stiflingly uncreative. Some people might turn to drinking beer when they’re that bored. But not Barbara . . She decided to make it. And it turns out that she really, really liked doing it. More importantly, she was pretty damn good at it. And after years of searching, she had finally found that elusive intersection where her passion and her talent met. And there she was, yet again, being unconventional in a dreadfully conventional world. Square peg, round hole…beat of a different drum…etc., etc.

When Barbara started Lost Coast, microbreweries weren’t what you would call a “thing.” The little guy simply couldn’t compete with the big boys. But Barbara was determined to turn her passion for brewing beer into a sustainable – and profitable – business. After six years of hard work, Lost Coast was officially launched. And it all started with a restaurant in downtown Eureka, Great White wheat beer, and a helluva lot of elbow grease.

Visit Lost Coast Brewery to tour their state-of-the-art facilities, learn a bit about the Lost Coast story and the brewing process, then stick around to sample some delicious beers. And bring the kids – for the young ones, they’ve got Lost Coast Root Beer on tap, as well as root beer floats and ice cream in a variety of flavors.