Andrea Speer Hibbard digital art blue and white abstract bird-like images
Andrea Speer Hibbard

Artist Website

Dream 2
Digital Art: Print on stretched canvas

24"h x 36"w x 2"d


Each individual perceives life and their surroundings in their own unique way. I see and imagine in visual pictures, forms, colors, contrasts, interactions and juxtapositions with what is near. I've come to believe that my work represents the output of the influences that have affected my inner and outer life; and reveal to me my current state and focus. A kind of barometer, if you will. While some of my works reflect a reaction to, or reflection of, some current news or interest, I consider the foundation of my work—to which I always return—combines my love of textiles, worn surfaces, iconography and calligraphy...I suppose because these have all stood the test of time. Bio and Resume on website.