Barbara Kelley

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Temple Gate
Printmaking: Monoprint, etching inks and antique lace

8"w x 10"h


My works are influenced by sensory memories and although I may or may not have clarity of the composition when I begin creating a work, I know it will take me on an autobiographical journey.  Memories of the sounds, echoic memories, and the visual, iconic memories, and the feel, touch or smell of surroundings are my creative guideposts.  For me, even a brief experience imprints the sound of wind, the temperature, the feel or smell of the dirt and plant life, and all things visual.  I translate these memories into my prints and paintings.  The “Temple Gate" monoprint series reflects friendships and world travels. They symbolize the commonality of all peoples and my sign of respect for differing values, cultures, and social structures. In my oil paintings I interpret my memories of life in the southwest, the mountains, and winters in quiet communities awaiting spring. My paintings frequently reflect my awareness of the absolute power of nature. I strive to create a visual language that is both evocative and straightforward and that provides a sense of meditative inner calm.  The title I give to each work holds a key to understanding its story.  Schedule a studio visit: View Barbara’s website: Receive announcements: