Monica Bryant

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Mixed Media 2D: Limited edition of print of overpainted photograph by the artist.

8"w x 8"h


During the first week of March in 2020 I had the good fortune to travel to Marrakech, Morocco for an artist retreat with a small group of women artists. The awareness of a worldwide corona virus pandemic was growing. I set worries aside and went. It was the best trip of my life. I was so moved by the life of the place. Donkeys, bicycles, motorcycles, men in kaftans, women in headscarves, children playing and markets full of colorful handmade products! I loved walking the passageways of the Medina with my new friends. Having looked at artists work (Matisse, Yves St. Laurent, Delacroix) inspired by Morocco for most of my life, it was awesome to see their inspiration. Seeing the tiles up close, the handmade chipping and cutting was evident. The doors within doors of our riad delighted me. Seeing mint tea poured from a pot high above its cup by our kind staff was so touching. I enjoyed hearing the call to prayer throughout the day and at sunset. I will never forget the ecstasy of smelling the orange blossoms in a beautiful courtyard. I wanted to be able to take a picture of the fragrance to send home to family and friends. "Yves" is a from a photograph I took in the book shop of the Yves St. Laurent Museum. The influence of Marrakech is clearly evident in the beautiful designs YSL made. To paint over this image I recalled the sinuous images of snakes in his fabrics along with the colors of Morocco.