Teri Sloat

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Marsh Autumn

26" x 22"

My art career began with children's book illustration and I think I am a storyteller at heart. I love creating art that allows the viewer to add their thoughts to the story.

My work explores the expressive world of pastel painting and the more illustrative world of acrylic and pencil. In both, I express my love for the moods of the outdoor world and the creatures that share that world with us. Landscape painting always begins outdoors, with my easel at the side of a road or on a ranch, painting our beautiful hills and still waters, while listening to birds.

My folk art allows me to explore my indoor world of thought, allowing me to tell a story, which like the outside world often includes birds.

You can find my work at Sebastopol Gallery and Corrick’s and you can visit my studio by appointment or during Sonoma County Art Trails in October.