Historical Frescos and Beer?
March 24, 2023

Do HISTORICAL WPA FRESCOS and Beer go together?
Yes they do – at Beach Chalet, San Francisco

During the Great Depression, the Federal Art Project, a division of the Work Progress Administrations (WPA), put many artists to work by commissioning murals across the city (San Francisco.) Generally, these murals depict the everyday life of idealized workers and everyday people, however, the fresco murals on the first floor of the Beach Chalet on the west end of the park are unique in that they show specific, important San Francisco figures of the time, including Park Superintendent John McLaren. Painted in, the frescos were done in the traditional wet plaster technique by the artist Lucien Labuadt, assisted by Arnold Bray, Farrell Dwyer, and the plaster, James Wyatt. The murals are located below the Beach Chalet. Open daily to the public.

Plan a day-trip to see the murals and leave time to experience the beautiful views & delicious food that await you at the Beach Chalet. Located along the Great Highway @ Ocean Beach in San Francisco, you’ll enjoy the view of the waves, the sound of the surf and relax with a beer created by Head Brewer, Marco Tapiz. Beach Chalet Ales are handcrafted, by Marco, in house at the Chalet Ales & Lagers Brewery. Next time you are in The City, stop by the Chalet Brewery and ask for a taste of their seasonal brew. Or better still, check out their booth at Beerfest, meet Marco Tapiz, let him explain all you need to know about his latest creations AND then plan your trip!