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Compression Curl Redwood Plate
Woodturning: Old-growth redwood from stumpage; 2 walnut stitches, on back, over striated knot

1-1/2"h x 10-1/4"w



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First a carpenter, then a contractor, then a craft artist, now I am "self-unemployed"; in other words, retired. After years of working, from the housing tracks to the Philadelpia Museum of Art Craft Show and lots in between, I am spending my days mostly on the water windsurfing or with my wife and long time business partner sailing our racing dinghy or paddling the kayak we built. As soon as it is finished we will be sailing our 20' dory, currently under construction in my studio turned boat shop. I have not been wood turning very much lately, but when the Art for Life auction came around, it was time for me to make something round.

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