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See Me On The Cat Walk (I'm Too Sexy)
Sculpture: Wood, Jar lids, bottle caps, leather, chain, beadsand nails, cork vegetable bags and Guchi Belt Buckle

16"h x 7w"

Not Applicable

Our dog TankzAlot was the inspiration for these Edddy Doggie Heads, which were created during the year of the dog. The GG on the belt inspires the name "I'm To Sexy" See me on the Cat Walk. This song makes me laugh because my husband, who was really shy, developed his dance style so I wouldn't have to dance alone. He broke out the best dance routine EVER- right on down to the stroll along the catwalk. You can see his talent and humor in his work and yes those are vegetable bags, painted nails and jar lids. Using what is at hand to make art was his style. Art For Life is an event he cared deeply about. Be Kind, Be Generous and Have Fun.