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A legacy of compassion and philanthropy with your bequest


A legacy gift is a planned future gift that designates some part of your estate as a donation to Face to Face. It is a wonderful way to make a direct and lasting impact to help secure our future.

Leaving a legacy gift is easier than you might think whether it is through your will and/or living trusts.

Here are some popular ways to leave a gift for Face to Face. We recommend that you get with your attorney when drawing up a bequest that meets your needs:

A GENERAL GIFT IN YOUR WILL leaves a gift of a stated sum of money in your will or living trust, typically in the form of personal property or assets.

A RESIDUAL GIFT IN YOUR WILL leaves Face to Face the remainder of your estate after other bequests, debts, and taxes have been fulfilled.

A SPECIFIC GIFT IN YOUR WILL leaves Face to Face a specific dollar amount or stated fraction of your estate or specified items (collections, art, jewelry, etc.)

A CONTINGENT GIFT IN YOUR WILL leaves Face to Face a stated share of your estate only if a spouse, family member or other beneficiary does not survive you.

A bequest in your Will or Trust can be as simple as:

I give to Face to Face, a California non-profit corporation located in Santa Rosa, Ca the sum of $______________ or a % of my estate, or other personal property herein described to be used for its general support without restriction.

When planning a legacy gift to Face to Face in your Will or Trust please let us know. We would love to recognize you for your generosity.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about setting up your legacy gift. Email questions to Gary Saperstein, Development Director at gsaperstein@f2f.org



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