Andrea Pellicani

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Carnelian Ring in Sterling Silver
Jewelry: Carnelian gemstone ring handmade of reclaimed sterling silver size 8.25

.66"w x 1.3"h height


Andrea Pellicani -"The Green Jeweler" grew from the joy of making art and jewelry and my passion for protecting the earth's resources. I am so grateful for the support from so many of you, it helped me give time and donate to causes below. Sustainability isn't a trend for me, I've have been using reclaimed metals for 30 years. I am inspired by the deep enjoyment I get from being outdoors. I start with high quality gemstones that are fair mined in the US and then handcrafting settings from reclaimed sterling silver, fine silver and gold. All of my pieces are fabricated, which means they are cut and forged by hand from sheet, tube, and wire.