Glenna Elliott

Yellow Cloud Mountain
Acrylic paint

26" x 26"

Color -- joy! (but so are the games one can play with white-on-white, in two-dimensions or in three) After a brief painting course with Roy Lichtenstein at Ohio State I let art go, in favor of an academic degree (Spanish Language and Literature). Then I saw, in a dark Midwestern hallway, a painted figure, which nagged at my subconscious until I enrolled at the New York Art Students League and began to paint as though Reality lived there. Later, I studied basics at the California School of Fine arts (now the S.F. Art Institute), and ceramics and painting and printmaking at UC-Davis. At Davis I moved from bas-relief prints to relief paintings; at Sonoma State University I devised bouncing, airy, 3D sculptures--and began to work in bronze, for which I continue to have affection. The 3D pieces executed in Schedule 40 PVC pipe are the most evanescent, and the most fun; they become delineators of edges, of hunks of space which can readily be changed into quite different forms and, as cooperative structures, become the most playful. Still...color tempts, color provokes, color makes itself felt at once and can result in only a relaxed state of mind... If you are tempted, too, I'd recommend you get a pocket-sized sketchbook and a dozen colored pencils, and have at it as the mood strikes you!