Rue Gobbée
Rue Gobbée

City of Staples
Digital Art: Photo digital collage

8.5"h x 8.25"w


Rue Gobbée - Artist Statement - ​I was born and raised in the concrete jungle and my originality and creativity stem from that. I moved from Brooklyn, New York, to Sonoma, California, and my interests and passions are rooted in that diversity.
Art has informed me from early on, and throughout my life, my fascination and appreciation for art continue to develop as I grow. Art has always been a tool of mine to use when I need to get my mind off of things, however, as a hobby and passion of mine I have since found ways to incorporate my creativity into an academic way. I have recently discovered digital design, thus my works published are completed projects done using various Adobe platforms.
I hope to one day help individuals, non-profit organizations, causes, and ethically sound companies speak to the world in visual ways, drawing metaphorically and explaining visually.