3D Edddy

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Marble Mouth
Junk Art

23" x 15.25"


Wood, household junk, found objects, nails, screws, glue and paint are the mediums I use to create sculptures. I have been working with recycled materials for well over 44 years. Reusing materials and recycling discards is my way of creating awareness in the public for such an important human endeavor. Especially since recycling became a big focus in the '80s. During this time I have developed mastery over these materials and am very pleased with the work I have done.

My current subjects have been a dragon, whose inspiration came from a child's drawing, egrets, abstracts and "Edddy Heads". With the Edddy Heads, I have played with creating Characters with expressions such as humor, cuteness, surprise and joy. My process has been to let the materials talk to me and let me know what they want to be. This spontaneity with the materials has developed over time and from my work with the children of this community. I started my work with children because there was a need for art in the schools. Working with the kids has opened me up to collaborations and expended my view of putting junk together. I have taken workshops into school, public gatherings and private parties. I am a witnessed to the joy of my participants who create sculptures of their own made from these materials. They awaken to their own possibilities of art and recycling and begin to develop personal concepts about ways they can participate in caring for mother earth. Constructively our present generation threatens to become inundated with the accumulation of junk and as was the case of the impressionists venturing out of the old school academy of art. "The Now" generation must do something constructive with our present time. As the population increases more and more junk accumulates and thinking men find themselves identifying with this new condition. Therefore putting the nearly impossible articles together to make new sense for communication now, is Junk Art.