Photo of stand up bass player
Carl Broady

The Ghost Player
Photography: Photo printed hand-polished acrylic

40"h X 30"w

Not Applicable

Born and raised in New York City, a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Carl B. never thought he would be a photographer. Carl began publishing a motorcycle magazine that reached international markets. To save on cost, he purchased his first camera, and from that day his artistic journey began, submerging himself in the booming urban motorcycle culture. Self taught in photography Carl began to create and capture fun, vibrant images that depicted the raw essence of the urban biker culture. Since 2018 Carl has redefined himself, and his craft. He now considers himself an urban-artist who calls his works Urbangrahpy. Creating abstract art, utilizing urban landscapes, objects, and most importantly capturing raw expression and emotions of the people. Carl credits not having formal training in photography for allowing him to be unrestricted, free and creative. "Art is subjective. Who can say what is good or bad art? So how can classroom training and theory dictate what beautiful art should look like?" Carl creates abstract works that provoke thought, emotion, and are impactful. He feels that if his works triggers one or all of those feelings then he has created a great piece. Carl is also using his talent to bring awareness to the homeless crisis. Speaking with and photographing homeless people, he is telling their stories and wants the world to know that homeless individuals are people who have stories also. Carl worked with HIV patients at the Spellman clinic and saw first hand how HIV has affected the lives of people. He feels that it is important that the world is educated on how the virus spreads, how to stop the spread, and treatment for patients. Live and think free without limitations.