Don Van Amerongen flying figure against black & green background
Don Van Amerongen

Artist Website

Digital Art: Combo of photography

16"h x 20"w


As a painter and digital artist, I am drawn to the beauty of the natural world, especially seascapes, waves, landscapes, and the human body. My work is a reflection of my deep passion for these subjects and my desire to capture their essence and convey it to the viewer. In my seascapes and wave paintings, I strive to depict the power and majesty of the ocean, its infinite variety of colors and moods, and the way it interacts with the land and the sky. My landscapes capture the beauty and serenity of the natural world. When it comes to the human body, I approach the subject with the same reverence and respect as I do with nature. My aim is to create images that are not just beautiful but also convey a sense of intimacy, vulnerability, and humanity. These images are not meant to be objects of desire but rather expressions of the human form and spirit.