Blue sparkle necklace fine silver
Frances Fuchs

Blue Sparkle Necklace
Jewelry: Fine silver with blue zirconium and silver chain

1"h x 1.25"w pendant on 16" inch chain

Not Applicable

I have loved jewelry since I received my first "real" ring from Aunt Bertha at age 13. I still wear it. I started making glass beads 25 years ago. 10 years ago I moved on to brass and copper construction pieces. Then I discovered "metal clay"... aaah, now here is a medium I can really play with. Metal clay is a clay-like medium made of very fine metal particles (silver, gold, other metals) and a "binder". One fashions the clay, embeds gems and then fires it, wherein the binder burns off and the metal particles meld together forming a solid metal piece. Tumbling, burnishing and patinas come next. Magic. I am not a jeweler. My day job is as a mental health counselor and consultant. I am an artist of many media and I will experiment endlessly.