Harry Frank

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17" x 25"

Artist's Statement

I'm interested in the symbolic language of myths, dreams and the unconscious. I've been deeply influenced by Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Jungian dream theory, Marvel Comics, psychedelia, rock & roll, poetry, mythos, movies, & science fiction. My monotype images emerge into the light, out of a black field of ink. They are physically created by wiping, dragging and thinning oily ink which has been rolled onto a plexiglass plate. The inked surface is sensitive to any touch, or impression, so that every mark is recorded. When the image is complete, the inked plate is run through a press, which through controlled pressure, transfers the image to a sheet of prepared paper. Like most artists, when I make a print, I look for the possibilities between what I intend and what happens spontaneously, striking a balance between "making and discovering." I consider an image successful if it surprises me with its ambiguity and mysterious qualities.


I'm a graduate of the Boston Museum School (BFA 1976) where I studied ceramics, drawing and painting. In 1978 I was accepted to do graduate work in ceramics at The Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. From 1980 -1983 I was a studio potter in Sonoma County, making one-of kind functional porcelain.

My art sensibilities were largely formed by having grown up in NYC during the 60's. I did my foundation year at the School of Visual Arts, spent uncounted hours walking the streets of the city, and visiting all the great museums. Besides art, my other passions were playing music, philosophy and trying to figure out what Alan Watts was talking about. You could always find me at the beach, as it was the only access I had to a natural environment of ocean and open sky.

Since moving to Sonoma County 40 years ago I have been a studio potter, built houses, practiced Aikido and taught high school art for 30 years.