James Elliott

Multi-Colored People
Painting: acrylic on canvas

18"h x 24"w


I have always been a struggling artist. I’ve accepted that and I am good with that. And really I believe in having to pay your dues in life and I have paid more than my fair share. I’ve overpaid if you ask me. I also believe that things can always change for the better and that I will not be broke my entire life.
I truly enjoy painting with acrylic paints on huge canvases, the bigger the better. I have so many great ideas in my head that will only fit on very large canvases, which I cannot afford, and so those ideas will have to wait. I enjoy working with color. If I can create something from nothing that makes someone's day a little bit better than it was, that’s when I feel that I’ve done my job. I love getting feedback from people about my art. I know there’s room for growth and there’s a lot that I still need to learn about.
Opening up a co-op art gallery is my ultimate dream. How wonderful would it be for there to be a very popular place where artists could have their artwork displayed in an art gallery, for a small fee, and have hundreds of people walking by it and seeing it every day. It would be great exposure for many artists and jump-start their careers.
I’m always available for a personal art show or if there is any art gallery that is interested in displaying my works of art, please contact me directly either by email, text, or call my mobile phone. My mind is always open to new ideas, new experiences, and new encounters with new friends. Any private parties that are interested in buying some of my artwork and would like a personal showing of my artwork can be arranged through me.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at my artwork.
James Elliott - Abstract Artist
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