Jennifer Baker quilt in blues and greens
Jennifer Baker

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Garden Visitors
Fiber Arts: Pieced art quilt with origami embellishments, hand-dyed fabric, embroidered. (Hanging slat included.).

40"h x 45"w

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"Garden Visitors" is a wonderful playground to savor the gifts of an ever changing private garden. On the fence, above in the hanging vines, deep inside a blossom, all are welcome to take in the transformation of growth and evolving life. From seed to flower, caterpillar to butterfly, all stages of health are found in a well tended garden. I am first and foremost a storyteller of eternal change with a strong dose of optimism. I work in several mediums and I welcome the nature of, in this case fabric, to let intuitive decisions for design, color, shape, textures, let the story emerge. This is the story of a simple pause, to enjoy the beauty, to reap the rewards of, and to take in the changes that come from embracing patience, just like cocoons releasing their flyer within. Who doesn't love being surprised by a butterfly's brief visit before watching it travel on to another garden?... to another viewer.