Joel Bennet Counterpose- “To place in opposition or contrast”. Stoneware Ceramic Sculpture black and white
Joel Bennett

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Counterpose Series #12
Ceramics: Counterpose - “To place in opposition or contrast”. Stoneware Ceramic Sculpture

15” h x 8.5”w x 4.5"d

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Joel Bennett has been a ceramic artist for over 50 years, was an adjunct professor of Art at Santa Rosa Junior College for 34 years and has been active in the community as an artist-in- residence, art educator, and workshop instructor. His interest in traveling started at an early age, and over the past 25 years he’s been involved with ceramic and sculpture projects in Hungary, France, Vietnam, El Salvador, Argentina, and Cuba. He has participated in six International “Encuentros” in Cuba, and has written articles about ceramics on the Island that have appeared in Ceramics Monthly, and the Studio Potter Magazine. He has also hosted residencies of Cuban, Colombian, Hungarian, and Vietnamese Artists here in California that have included exhibitions and workshops. An award-winning ceramist, Bennettʼs work has been exhibited internationally and represented by galleries throughout California, the Southwest and Midwest. His current work includes burnished pit fired ceramics, and functional stoneware and sculpture.