Colorful water front scene collage with vintage papers on panel
Maria Sund

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Water Front Development
Mixed Media 2D: Mixed media collage with vintage papers on wood panel.

15.5"h x 17"w x 2"d


Born in El Salvador. Studied art at Simmons College, Boston, MA. and Universidad de Las Americas, Puebla, Mexico. Through my own personal desire to invent something original. I work with collage and mixed media, incorporating old and new elements. I like the exploratory process. I used acrylics, which allow multiple layers of paint, glaze, and other medias. As the layers built I am able to excavate into the surface sanding back to reveal the hidden beauty that lies beneath. My work is about stories, personal journeys, love, happiness, loss and what goes on in life. For me the creative process is more important and fun than the finishing result.