MC Carolyn colorful depiction of her shadow
MC Carolyn

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Colors of My Shadow
Painting: Mixed: acrylic paints, inks & alcohol inks

24"h x 20"w


My life is MY SHADOW. All of my life experiences/hopes/spirit/children have built MY SHADOW into a strong mosaic of changing colors. From childhood to birthing two daughters and into middle life my life was full of challenges, loves, sorrows and joys. Building these moments within my life, my spirit pushed me into new questions and answers. This painting is my life in living color. No words are necessary. This new MCCAROLYN painting technique and process combines acrylic paints and inks with alcohol inks. Alcohol inks painted on special paper and/or acetate film creates amazing new color intensities according to the base surface. Then these bits of intense color swatches are placed onto the acrylic base painting. Voila, a new layering of these alcohol inks creates new hues of pure color that resonate out to the viewer. Thank you . . you'll love her/me/my shadow.......