Nancy & Brian Roberts

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Window Series - Blue
Glass: Windows matrix created from 800+ hand cut pieces fused together

11"w x 13"h


We are Brian & Nancy Roberts and have been making fused glass for - Nancy 20 years & Brian 15 years. We decided to join our talents in 2013 and now make most of our glass in a collaborative effort. We designed a patterned Window Series in 2015 and 2016. This Blue piece is one of our favorites and we are now ready to let it go to a new home. The baby blue opaque background is assembled from percisely cut strips of glass in groupings of 4 pieces, which allows us to leave a pattern of square/rectanglular openings for the windows. If the percision cutting of the strips is not exact, it throws the pattern off. Each window is made from a stack of 3 glass pieces. The darker blue is a transparent iridescent glass and glistens when the light is right. The white quartz like square windows infuses a slight variation across the piece. The unusual uneven edge is rarely used in fused glass pieces and requires considerable extra effort to realize. Like a difficult child successfully raised, these window series pattern pieces are special to us, but we now only create them on commission. So, now for a great cause this piece can be yours to enjoy - BUY ME.