oil painting of high corn and pine tree
Nicole Ours

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High Corn and Pine
Painting: Oil on a RayMar panel, framed in 3" mahogany plein air frame

8"h x 10"w; with frame: 11"h x 14"w


An artist is one who learns, practices, strives until the necessary techniques are so well integrated into how one does one’s art, it moves into another realm. It becomes possible to focus, explore and make unique solutions and creations. Art has always been part of my life. Both grandmothers and my mom and dad taught school, but also painted. Our family showed our work, starting when I was in grammar school. By the time I was in college, it was too late to change my commitment to realism. This made me a rebel in the era of abstract expressionism. Painting continued, but I followed the family path into teaching to earn a living. Since I was always curious about how others experience the world, focusing on people with special educational needs gave me opportunities to work with fascinating individuals. With retirement from teaching, and our children grown, painting became more prominent in my life. And now, finding a new way after the shattering loss of my beloved husband and partner of 45 years, painting is my focus, my work, my passion. Sharing my work with Art for Life to support Face to Face brings joy.