Old Sonoma Barn at Sears Point Ranch
Pat Meier-Johnson

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Old Sonoma Barn at Sears Point Ranch
Painting: Oil on canvas

11"h x 14"w


Sonoma is full of heart and soul and beautiful things to paint. This old barn at the Baylands where Lakeville Highway and Highway 37 intersect is part of the Sonoma Land Trust protected area. How wonderful that we are able to keep our open spaces free and accessible! I love the hodgepodge panels that make up the doors of this old barn, and the sunlight that peeks through the board in the roof. The dry climate here in Sonoma was a boost to my art as colors are vibrant, unfiltered by the fog we see elsewhere in the Bay Area. My paintings seem to find me - I rarely go looking for them as so many scenes seem to capture my attention and ultimately my paintbrushes and canvases. I hope you enjoy this Old Barn at Sonoma Baylands painting and it reminds you of the goodness of organizations such as Face to Face as well as the Sonoma Land Trust here in Sonoma.