Rene Dayan-Whitehead

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Sculpture: Honeycomb calcite - granite base

8"w x 9"h x 5"d


Stone carving is the culmination of the passions of a lifetime. As a youth I always collected rocks. In fact, to me, all rocks were beautiful; the brown ones the shiny ones the rough ones…I collected many boxes of them. Throughout my personal and professional life everything I have gravitated to has been related to form in three dimensions; dancing, costume design, product development and design, art classes, masks, and now sculpture. The distillation of these elements came surprisingly through a class offering. I thought it would be fun as well as great therapy (hitting a rock with a hammer!). Once I started I never stopped. My work is an expression of the dance of form, movement and transformation. The subject and forms of the work emerge from a personal definition of alchemy, myth and time, concepts that are both physical and metaphysical. As solid as stone may seem, it can be made to seem light, soft, flowing, translucent, transcendent, quite the opposite of the density, hardness, and inflexibility ordinarily ascribed to stone. This dichotomy fascinates me, as does the stone itself, the color, the texture, the physicality and rhythm of the work. Let’s dance….