Crystalline Glazed
Robert Weiss

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Crystalline Glazed Vase
Ceramics: Crystalline Glazed Rutile and Cobalt Vase

6.5"h x 5.5"w

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For detailed information about Robert's crystalline glaze technique visit his website. Robert has been an artist his whole life. He grew up in post WWII Los Angeles and studied at Otis Art Institute in the 1960's. Robert worked with ceramics, sculpture and a variety of other mediums. When he was a graduate student, he owned and operated a ceramics shop on Hollywood Blvd called "The Potter's Wheel Gallery" where he also lived. He received his Masters in Fine Art in 1970, and in 1972 he moved his company, “Robert Weiss Ceramics”, to the small town of Healdsburg in Northern California. He opened a facility that eventually grew to be the largest handmade stoneware manufacturer in the United States, employing almost 100 potters and artisans who produced an extensive line of handmade pottery sold at retailers nationwide. For over fifty years Mr. Weiss has focused his art through various businesses he has owned and operated. The success of those businesses has allowed him to give back to his community. Since 2003 The Weiss Family Fine Arts Scholarship Fund has awarded over 74 scholarships to graduating high school seniors Sonoma County pursuing an education in Fine Arts. Today, Robert lives in Sonoma County and works in his (much smaller) home studio to produce hand thrown porcelain with crystalline glazes.