Sandra Maresca

Artist Website

Oil on canvas

16" x 12"

About Sandra Maresca, Artist

I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn't drawing or painting or sculpting or sewing or spinning or weaving, OR wishing I were. I work in a variety of media, with emphasis on oil and watercolor. I believe that art is a unique way to touch another human being on a non-verbal level. My subject matter is diverse; I try to explore a given theme in a series of pieces until I feel I have discovered as much as possible about the subject. My intent is to create some sort of emotional connection with the observer, particularly if I can make him or her smile or laugh or wonder about the underlying narrative.

I have been a full-time artist since 2002, when I left behind a career in corporate marketing to live in Sonoma County and follow my lifelong passion for painting and fiber arts. I am currently a member of Russian River Art Gallery in Guerneville, CA, where my work can be seen year-round. Since 2003, I have participated in Art @ the Source, West Sonoma County's annual June open studio program, where I chaired the steering committee for 7 years. For three years I also participated in Art Trails, Sonoma County's October juried open studio program. In addition, my work has appeared in numerous juried and invitational shows throughout the Bay Area as well as a variety of wineries, restaurants and cafes.