Face to Face

malefemalegenderneutralEnding HIV in Sonoma County

People with HIV who are virally supressed (undetectable) are 96% less likely to pass HIV to anyone else.

In a recent study of 150,000 couples where one person is HIV+ and virally supressed, and the other person is HIV-, there were ZERO new infections.

  • 25 percent of HIV+ people in the US are virally supressed
  • In Sonoma Couty, it is MORE THAN 80 PERCENT
  • We are way ahead of the game!

HIV Negative? Great! Stay that way.

The Challenge:

13 percent of people living with HIV do not know they have it, and are responsible for most new infections.

Our Goals:

  • Finding those who do not know they have HIV
  • Get them into lifesaving care, and virally supressed
  • Educate everyone about the risks of getting HIV
  • Promote regular testing and risk reduction
  • Talk about HIV. Reduce fear and stigma
  • Ask how you can help